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Doma's inn Ivy Cottage
Mullingar Hill Landour Mussoorie
Our chief guest at the opening of our inn. The Deck and entrance to another room.
Coffee Shop and Lobby. Stairway to Heaven and to one of the lounges.
The view of ooooodissshtock from oune
of our rooms.
Lounge in the clouds. Check your mail and chat with friends.
One of our lounges with a view. Just another one of our rooms.
Our lobby. Our family suite. Just one of our rooms.
The Wind Horse. Bearer of prayers to heaven.
The Garuda. Empror of all birds.
The Oriental dragon. The fount of water and prosperity.
The Singe, the tibetan loin holding
aloft hallowed gifts.
The first hand painted (thangka style) painting you
  will see on the ceiling is the Mandla, The way to
   peace and meditation.
Guardians of sleep and rest.
The entrance of your home away from home.
Clearing your way. The protectors of the Chakra.Dragon and, the Garuda on the front wall.    

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